Buying a Pug Puppy
A how-to guide to finding a well bred, healthy Pug puppy for your family

Buying a Pug puppy can be exhilarating, frustrating, joyful, painful and virtually every emotion in between. WHY is it Pugs are so hard to find???

You discover no one has a pup right now. The last one was just sold. The breeder thought the mother was pregnant, but she wasn't. There weren't enough puppies for you to get one. Will the puppy be healthy or have chronic illnesses? Why are they so expensive?!?

We at BuyingAPugPuppy have all heard and experienced what you're going through. We'd like to help you out. While we don't have answers for everyone, we will do our best to answer as many questions and help you find a Pug puppy for your family. Why trust us? Because we're not here to sell you anything. You won't find any Pug puppies for sale on this site. But you WILL find help in finding a Pug puppy to buy!

We start with a little information about Pugs - what they're really like, what living with them is like, and what you can expect to change in your life if you get one. Why you should - or should not - buy a Pug is a major decision and we look at different sides of that issue. And we link to some pages we feel may help you during this time.

Next we tackle the difficult process of finding a Pug breeder. Where should you start? We discuss the questions: Are there good internet sites to look at? What about Pug clubs? And the alphabet soup of registries! And what is a "rescue Pug"? It's important to know what you're looking at - or what you're not seeing - when you visit a web site.

If you don't read any other section of this site, please read about screening breeders! We discuss what questions you should ask a breeder, and the answers you should expect to receive to those questions. We tell you what to look for when you visit a breeder. There's a lot of talk about testing animals - DNA, OFA, CERF and more - what should you find? And what about references for a breeder?

Last we look at things you will want to do BEFORE you bring a puppy home. It's a quick check list, but it may save the life of your puppy.

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